When creating or editing a project, you have three billing methods to choose from:

  1. Project-based rate
  2. Task-based rate
  3. Team member-based rate

See 'Setting up your billing rates' before setting the billing method >>>

Project-based rate

Time logs on this project will be billed using project's hourly rate regardless of what task you assign to the project (or even if you don't assign any tasks).

Task-based rate

You billable amount will be calculated based on an hourly rate set on each specific task. You can set the hourly task rate for all tasks by going to 'Organize' > 'Tasks'.

Overriding the default task rate

The "default task rate" is the hourly rate you set on the 'Edit task' screen. You can override the default task rate for a any project by using the "Actual rate".

Team member-based rate

Using this method you can set different hourly rates for different team members. You can set team member's hourly rate by going to 'Team > Team members' page and enter a preferred rate. 

Overriding the default team member rate

You can override the default team member hourly rate for any project by changing the "Actual rate" field on Project Overview.

The default team member rate is the rate which is used as the actual rate when you first assign a team member to a project. You can set the default rate for the team member when creating or editing a team member in Team > Team members.

If your billing method is team member based, tracked time is always billed by the actual team member rate. The actual team member rate will always equal the default team member rate unless you manually override it on a particular project.

How to update the actual rate of a team member on all projects at once?

You can update the actual rate of a particular team member on all projects at once by ticking the box under the Hourly Rate field.

You can choose a time frame for when you want this change to be applied from by clicking the link next to the 'Save' button.  

Simple one-for-all hourly rate

If you are the only one tracking time and would like all your projects to have the same hourly rate, select "Team member based rate" on every project. Then go to Manage > Team members > Select yourself. Here you can enter your own hourly rate.

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