If you wish to review the time logs submitted by your team, before including them in the reports and billing, you can turn on the approvals feature. You don’t need to turn it on for all records in general, you can choose to approve time logs for:

1. A specific project:

2. A specific team member:

All time logs that need approval, will then be shown as pending, rejected, or approved. If you choose so, they will only be included in the reports once their status is 'Approved'.

On top of every report you will be able to dynamically select whether to show (and download) only approved time logs, or pending and rejected time logs as well:

This way you can select to show only approved time logs when preparing the billing and to show all time logs when reviewing the weekly hours of your team.

Once a time log is approved, the team member will not be able to edit it anymore. If you wish for them to edit a time log that was already approved, you need to reject it first.

When you approve or reject a particular time log, you can also add an explanation, so that a team member knows why the particular track log was rejected and take appropriate action.

Review and approve logs in the Detailed report

Administrators can review and approve time logs in the Detailed view. To be able to do this, you will need to show pending and rejected time logs and include the 'Approval status' column in your view. You can do this with the 'Settings' button:

You can then approve/reject time logs one by one, or in bulk, if you select multiple logs:

To show only the Approved, Rejected, or Pending time logs, you can filter the time logs by 'Status':

*** If you can't see this filter, please add the 'Approval status' column to the view with the 'Settings' button.***

Review and approve logs in the Timesheet report

The supervisors of accounts that require manual submission of timesheets can also approve time logs in the Timesheet report. Learn more about manual timesheet submission >>>

The Timesheet report is handier for approving time logs in bulk when you are not interested in the details of each individual time log.

You can use the date range selector and different filters to display only those time logs that you wish to manage and then approve/reject the entire displayed timesheet with a single click. If you filter your logs by 'Status' you can display only pending/approved/rejected time logs.

*** The displayed timesheet will always depend on the selected filters, so please make sure to remove the selected filters if you need to see all time logs. For example, you need to remove 'the Pending' filter to see the time logs that were already approved or rejected.

Administrators and managers shouldn't approve their own time logs

If you have multiple administrators or managers, you can set that none of them can approve their own time logs. This means they will be able to approve logs for other members, but their time logs will need to be reviewed by another administrator or manager. To turn this setting on, please go to the Account admin > General settings.

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