To update your payment information or access your invoices, please go to your 'Account'. There you will find a 'Billing Portal' link, which will take you to our payment platform. 

First you will need to connect your My Hours subscription to the billing portal. Please follow these steps. 

  1. Please enter the e-mail address of the My Hours account owner and you will receive a login link via Email. Only account owners can access the billing portal.

2. Check your mailbox for the Login link.

3. Follow the link that you have received. Please bare in mind that the link will expire after a while and you will need to generate a new one.

4. Please set a password which you will use only to access your billing portal.

4.  Then you enter the 'Subscriptions' tab. Here you can manage your payment information and update your credit card. Please confirm adding your subscription to the portal first. 

5.  Click 'Save' to confirm adding your subscription. 

6. Then you will get to the overview of your subscription. Please follow the 'Update Payment Method' link.

7. Here you will be able to update or replace the credit card you are using.

8.  In the 'Statements' tab you can view and download the invoices for your My Hours subscription.

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