My Hours supports 4 distinct entities: Projects, Clients, Tasks and Team members. You can track time on each and every one of them. 

But keep in mind that, you should treat Projects as a set of tasks executed over a fixed period and within certain costs or time contraints. While Tasks can be used in multiple projects and are not limited with duration.


Projects are the cornerstone in My Hours and all other entities are assigned to them. When you create a new project, you can add a client to it, assign tasks and team members, set up a budget and select appropriate billing method.

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You can assign multiple tasks to your projects. In case you select a Task based billing method, time logs will be billed with task's hourly rate.

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Note: you need to assign tasks to a project if you want to track time on these tasks.

Team members

Similar to tasks, you can assign multiple team members to your projects.

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Note: you need to assign team members to a project if you want them to be able to track time on it.


You can add one (and only one) client to each project. Client information will be displayed on a generated invoice.

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Note: A client needs to be selected if you want to use the Invoicing feature.  


"Website" project
Project name: Website for DogsOffLeash
Client name: Dora Rodriguez
Billing method: Team member-based rate
Budget: $5000
Tasks: Phone call, Live meeting, Prepare wireframe, Design primary page, Design secondary templates, Feedback meeting/call, Develop with CMS, Prepare staging and production environments, Deploying, Fixing issues
Team members: Jimmy (Me - $100/h), Laura (Developer - $60/h), Ron (Designer - $50/h)

"Room" project
Project name: Larger room on 34th Street
Client name: James Donaldson
Billing method: Task-based rate
Budget: 180 hours
Tasks: Study existing blueprints ($50/h), Phone call ($50/h), Visiting client ($70/h), Prepare schedule ($50/h), Draw new design ($70/h), Present deliverables ($50/h), Incorporating feedback ($70/h), General work ($50/h)
Team members: Laura (Me), Pete, Conrad, Annie

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Billing methods and Budget

My Hours offers 3 different billing methods: Project, Task or Team member based rate. Make sure you select a billing method if you want your time logs be calculated into currency.
Budget functionality helps you keep track of your project resources. 

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