Go to 'Organize' -> 'Projects' to get to a full list of your projects. You can sort them alphabetically by 'Name' and filter them by 'Status' (Active or Archived). 

By clicking on the gear icon you will be able to view, edit, copy or archive a specific active project. 

By selecting any given project, a detailed project dashboard will appear. Here you can edit project settings and assign tasks and team members to it.

 Here you will find some vital project information:

  • total hours tracked
  • billing rate and billable amount  
  • budget spent and budget remaining
  • tasks assigned to a project
  • team members assigned to a project

On the Project overview you can easily adjust the actual team member or task rates for this project. You will be able to choose a date from which on you want the changed rate to be applied.

When you enter a new team member (or task) rate the following popup will appear:


On project overview you can easily assign new tasks to a project. You can adjust the actual task billing rates for a specific project when they are different from the default billing rates you have set for your tasks.

You can change the default task rates if you go to 'Organize' -> 'Tasks'.


You can assign or unassign team members to a project directly from the project overview also.

To set hourly rates for your team members please go to the 'Team' -> 'Team Members'.


If you go to 'Edit project' in the upper right corner, you will be able to change client, edit project billing method and adjust project budget.


You can easily duplicate your project with the 'Copy PROJECT' function, so you don't need to start from scratch with your settings when you can recycle them.  

When you 'Archive' your project it will disappear from the 'Active' projects list, but you can restore it any time by clicking on the gear icon near the archived project:

If you 'Delete' your project, you will not be able to restore it. 

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