Before we start, make sure you have read our Quick Start reporting guide here

  1. Filter by Log status 

If you have a large team, Approval workflow functionality might come handy. In that case, you will be able to filter time logs by its Approval status (Pending, Approved, Rejected).

2. Search by description

You can search by description or any entity on your time logs. Try it by entering any string into Search box.

3. Show time log details

Time logs' description, actual hourly rate and start and end time is shown when you click on a caret icon on the left side. You can however expand details for all time logs if you choose to View > Descriptions, instead of View > Time logs.

4. Go to the selected Time log

If you wish to view or edit the selected time log directly from the Track page, please click on the clock icon on the left side of the start/end time. By clicking on it, you'll be redirected to the Track page with its date pre-selected.

5. Display more time logs

At the bottom of the page you can switch between 2 available limits (100 or 1000 entries). When you need to view more time logs at the same time, select a higher number. 

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