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Connect to QuickBooks
Connect to QuickBooks

How to set up the QuickBooks integration.

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Please go to Apps > Quickbooks to begin. You need to use the same email address for your My Hours account as you use for QuickBooks online.

1. Connect to QuickBooks

To start the integration click Connect. This will grant you limited access to Quickbooks data.

2. Sync with QuickBooks

By clicking Sync with QuickBooks you will transfer data from QuickBooks. For every Customer in QuickBooks, a new Client and corresponding Project will be created in My Hours. Service items will be transferred as Tasks and employees will become Team members in My Hours.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to delete your existing clients and projects in My Hours before connecting to Quickbooks. The duplicated clients and projects will not be imported.

3. Transfer Time Logs

After the successful sync, click Transfer time logs. Transferring My Hours Time logs will create new Time activities in QuickBooks. Time activities can then be used for invoicing or payroll inside QuickBooks.

Last sync on...

  • The date of your last sync and the number of time logs that still need to be transferred will be visible here.

  • Once past time logs are transferred into QuickBooks any updates made in My Hours will not be synced.

  • At any time you can revoke My Hours access to QuickBooks.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the time logs tracked on the projects imported from Quickbooks are available for transfer. The time logs entered on projects that are not connected to Quickbooks can't be transferred.

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