You are able to set different types of budgets for your projects. Once a project is created, you can add the budget here:

What are you budgeting?

Budget can be set in total hours, billable amount, or costs. The billable amount represents the total value of the project or task, by which it will be billed to a client. And costs, on the other hand, are calculated from the tracked time and hourly rates of members working on a project and additional expenses.

Set a budget target

You are able to choose between setting a total project budget or a task-based budget. If you set a project-based budget, it means you will input the total resources and all hours tracked on this project will be taken into account. So, if a project budget is 1000 hours, it will reach 90% when 900 hours are tracked on a project. If you set a task-based budget, you will input planned resources for each task, and also be able to track progress on tasks.

Budget period

You can plan your budget for the entire project from start to finish, or for each month separately.

Budget reminders

If you assign a budget to your project, all administrators and project managers will be reminded when it’s close to its limit (at 80%).

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