Tags are independent of Projects, Tasks, and Clients and are totally customizable. The administrators can create a set of Tags which team members can then use to mark their time logs. 

As an administrator you could for example create tags such as 'Fieldwork', 'Remote work',  'Prepaid hours', 'Expenses', 'Flat fee task', ... You can create a Tag for any custom category that My Hours does not provide out of the box but you would like to track anyway.

You will be able to create and edit Tags if you go to the 'Manage your tags' section of Account admin.

Team members can then use these Tags to tag their time logs:

The Activity report and the Admin panel can then be filtered by these tags:


The administrator can create a tagging system for their own administrative use as well. They are able to tag the time logs of other team members in the Admin panel

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