The auto-locking feature will help you keep the reports accurate by preventing your team members from editing time logs once they are locked. There are two ways to lock logs from editing. You can lock time logs a few days after they are created (‘Daily’ option) or lock the previous months' time logs every Xth day of a month (‘Monthly’ option).

You can set this feature up in Account admin General settings.

1. Daily: lock time logs X days after their creation

When administrators want to lock editing as soon as possible, but still leave enough time for the team members to edit any incorrect inputs, this is the best option.

For example, if you choose to lock logs 'Daily' in 1 day, My Hours will lock every time log 24 hours after it was added (or stopped).

This will give team members enough time to edit/update their time logs, while administrators can always confidently create reports for any period that ended at least 1 day ago.

2. Monthly: lock time logs every Xth day of the month

If you generate the reports on a monthly basis, monthly auto-locks could be a better option. In this case, the system will lock all existing time logs of the previous month on the Xth day of the current month.

For example, having selected 'Monthly' on day 25, the system will lock all time logs created in May on June 25th.

This means admins can confidently generate a report for the previous month on day 15 of the current month, knowing that any changes for the previous period are not possible.

* My Hours will only be locking time logs that will be created after the setting is turned on. To lock your account’s existing time logs, please contact us.

** Sidenote: this feature will not prevent your employees from adding new time logs for a selected period.

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