Dashboard report

The Dashboard report displays the totals and will give you a general overview of how your time is being spent. Use this report when you are not interested in details of specific time logs, but rather the big picture (total time, time spent on specific projects, tasks).

You are able to set any date range for the report and filter the time by clients or projects.

The Distribution section will show you how time was spent across projects and tasks:

If you click on any of the ‘Activity’ links in the Report column, it will take you to the detailed Activity report for the specific client/project/task. The Activity report will have the same date range and filters applied.

Activity report

Here you will find everything from totals to the most specific information on each time log.

Select any date range you need. You are able to choose from preset periods or set a custom start and end date from the calendar:

Choose how to sum the totals. Time logs will then be grouped and summed by the selected option, such as by day, by client, by team member, etc.

Use filters to further narrow down your results to a specific project, client, team member, task, … Filtering is available for the columns that are included to report. To get more filtering options, add columns with other information.

Choose which columns to display in your report:

Set the level of details to display in the report:

  • ‘Totals’ view will show you only the total sums, without any information on specific time logs.

  • ‘Standard’ view will additionally show you each time log separately, however without the most specific details (no descriptions or start and end times)

  • ‘Detailed’ view is your go-to view if you need to display everything in your report, including time log descriptions (notes), and start and end times for each time log.

Add, edit, or delete time logs quickly, right here from the Activity report:

Save the default view report set up. Once you have customized your view so that it suits your needs, you can save it, so that you don't need to adjust it again next time.

After you are done with column selection and other settings, just click here:

Send or download your report. You can send your Activity report (with an added comment) to the selected emails as a PDF or XLS attachment directly from the app.

It is also possible to download it in three different formats:

  • PDF report

  • XLS report

  • Export (in .csv format)

Timesheet report

The Timesheet report will show you a weekly timesheet with totals by days and by projects/tasks. You can display the time in hh:mm:ss format or in decimal format.

This should be enough information to get you started. If you have any questions, contact us via chat!

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