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The Dashboard report displays the totals and will give you a general overview of how the time is being spent. Use this report when you are not interested in details of specific time logs, but rather in the big picture (total time, billable time, or billable amount).

You are able to set any date range for the report and filter it by clients, projects, or team members. In the stats section, you will find information on total hours, billable hours, billable amount, and average billable rate, and also the comparison of all of the above to the previous period.


The Activity chart shows how many total and billable hours were logged on a given day, week, or month. Here you can quickly spot any irregularities and see which days are the busiest. The "Average hours per day" dashed line calculates how many hours are on average spent on each working day.


In the Distribution section, clients, projects, and tasks are nicely listed in a bar chart showing hours and/or billable amounts. This way you can compare them and see where you are billing more per hour. You can select to view projects & tasks or clients & projects.

Below the charts, you will find a grid with more details. You can select which columns to include with the 'Settings' button at the top of the report:

If you click on any of the ‘Detailed’ links in the grid, it will take you to the detailed report for the specific client/project/task. The Detailed report will have the same date range and filters applied.


The Team section is all about your team members. Compare their total and billable hours within the selected parameters (filters). You can sum the data by Team members or by Teams. Below the grid, you will find a list of all (active) team members that have not yet added any hours to their timeline in the selected period.

The 'Detailed' links in the 'Report' column will again take you to the Detailed report for each member or team.

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