You can save different Activity report templates in order to access correctly filtered reports in no time.

First, prepare the Activity report according to your needs: set the level of details, displayed columns, filters. Then choose to ‘Save/schedule’ the report:

If you select the 'Team visible' option, other team members will also be able to view the saved template.

You can choose to save a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly report. This setting will affect the preselected date range when you view the report. For example, the weekly report option will always show you the report for the current week.

To just save the report and not schedule it to be sent, just remove all recipients.

You can access the saved reports here:

Schedule the report

You can schedule the report to be sent periodically to your clients, team members, or yourself. When you select a date period, you will get the information on when the next report is scheduled. From then on it will be sent periodically - daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

To see exactly what will be sent, you can choose to send a test e-mail to yourself.

It is also possible to select whether a PDF or Excel report is sent in the e-mail

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