When you change the project rate or task-based rates, the new rates will be applied to all past time logs, unless they have been locked, invoiced, or approved.

If you need to apply the new rate after a certain date, the best option would be to approve all existing time logs on a project before changing the rate. Here's how to do this:

  1. Go to the Detailed view and filter out all time logs for the project/task.

  2. Then add the 'Approval status' column to the view with the 'Settings' button (please see the screenshot below). Next, select all logs and click 'Approve'.

  • Once time logs are approved they will keep the old rate and will not be updated with the new rate.

  • After you have approved all existing time logs, change the billable rate for the project (or task). This way the new rate will only apply to future time logs.

  • If you need to apply the change after a certain date in the past, approve just the time logs up to that date. The logs that are not approved will be updated with the new rate.

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