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Automatic vs. manual timesheet submission
Automatic vs. manual timesheet submission

Timesheets of all members get submitted automatically by default. Learn how to allow members to submit timesheets manually instead.

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In My Hours, by default, each entered time log is saved and submitted automatically. This means that the administrator is able to view the time log as soon as a team member has entered it.
This works for some teams, and some would rather see the members submit the timesheet manually when they are completely finished with them. This way the administrators and managers can be sure that the data in reports is final and that the timesheet does not need any further edits. This also allows the members to keep the draft of their timesheet as 'Unsubmitted time' and polish it with final edits before submitting it.
Manual timesheet submission can be set on the account level, for all members, if you go to Account admin > General settings.

Can administrators view and edit unsubmitted time logs?

Once a manual timesheet submission is turned on, the administrators will not see any unsubmitted time in any of the reports. They will however be able to view and edit the unsubmitted time in the Weekly timesheet Track view. To view and manage the unsubmitted logs of other members, the administrator can switch to a different member here and edit their timesheet:

How to submit the timesheet?

Please note that the timesheet can only be submitted manually via the Weekly timesheet Track view. This functionality is not available on the daily timer view. You can switch from the daily timer view to the weekly timesheet Track view like this:

Every team member needs to click the 'Submit timesheet' button once they are ready to submit their timesheet:

All unsubmitted entries are marked with the blue border:

Team members can make edits to submitted hours if needed, and then simply submit the timesheet again.

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