If you wish to review the time logs submitted by your team before including them in the reports and billing, you can turn on the approvals feature. Here's how to set this up.

  1. To begin, set the required log approval on the profile of each member in the Team members tab:

Optionally, you can turn this feature on only for specific projects. In this case, do not set the required log approval on members’ profiles but in the project settings instead. If you have already set the required approval on members’ profiles, you don’t need to set it again in the project settings.

2. Next, go to Account admin > General settings to enable manual timesheet submission.

This will allow members to submit their timesheets for review and approval when they are finished with them.

*** Please note that the timesheet submission is currently only possible for the Weekly timesheet track view and not for the entries with the Timer view.

3. If you have multiple Administrators or Managers, you can set that none of them can approve their own time logs. This means they will be able to approve logs for other members, but their time logs will need to be reviewed by another administrator or manager. To turn this setting on, please go to the Account admin > General settings.

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