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How to set up Power BI app integration

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Customers who are subscribed to the PRO plan can access our Power BI app via a private link. Please contact our support or sales team to get access.

Clicking on the Power BI app link will prompt you to install a new app into your Workspace. It is preloaded with our demo data.

To access your own data inside this Power BI template, click on the "Connect your data" link. A new modal will open where you can enter your My Hours credentials: email and password. Data displayed will be based on your access level in My Hours (admins see everything).

Lastly, you can filter by various properties on the right side (open the Filters sidebar). Alternatively, you can click on any entity in the charts and filter the dashboard that way.

My Hours app for Power BI is a template and can be further configured by any user with proper permissions in your Power BI workspace. For more information contact us via support.

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