Although you can track your time without using tasks, it's a good idea to organise your work around these and assign them to your projects. 

Creating tasks is easy. Just click 'Organize' in the menu and then choose 'Tasks'. If your task list is empty, you'll only see a '+ New Task' button. When you click on '+ New Task', the following screen will appear:

Only the 'Name' field is compulsory when creating a new task. As you can see from the example, Luke Skywalker has also set an hourly rate for his task. This means every track log involving this task will be billable at the set task rate.

Luke, however, doesn't want to assign this task automatically to all of his future projects, but he does want to be able to approve or reject every track log involving this task. These choices are reflected in the options selected for the task.

When you click 'Save', the task list opens and you can see that the task has been created successfully.

Note: Please go to you Projects and assign tasks to them, otherwise you won't be able to track your time on these tasks.


The default task rate is the rate which is used as the actual rate when you first assign a task to a project. You can set the default rate for the task when creating or editing a task in Organize -> Task.

Please note, when you create a task from the Project Overview its default rate will be 0.

If your billing method is task based, tracked time is always billed by the actual task rate. The actual task rate will always equal the default task rate unless you manually override it on a particular project.

How to update the actual rate of this task on all projects at once?
You can update the actual rate of a particular task on all projects at once by ticking the box under the Hourly Rate field.

You can choose a time frame for when you want this change to be applied from by clicking the link next to the 'Save' button.  

See more about overriding default rates here >>>

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