By tracking time on specific tasks, you will get more detailed and insightful reports, and be able to manage projects and time better. It is possible to set a budget (in total hours, billable amount, or cost) for each task, follow its progress, and mark tasks as completed.

You can create one or more task lists for a project and add tasks with detailed descriptions to them.

  1. Start by adding a new task list to a project. You can of course rename it as you wish.

  2. Add tasks with detailed descriptions to your task list. You can add them from scratch or select them from Task templates. We recommend preparing task templates for tasks that recur on many projects.

  3. All team members assigned to a project will be able to track time on its tasks. Administrators and project managers are able to create new tasks.

  4. However, you can also assign each task to one or more team members. They will then see the task and its description on their 'Assigned tasks' dropdown on the Track page:

5. If your project has a Task-based budget, you can also set task estimates (in total hours, billable amount, or cost). This way you will always be able to quickly see how many resources there are left for each task and which tasks went over budget.

6. You can also decide to show this information to all team members. This means they will be able to see how much budget is left before entering their time. The budget spent be displayed on the Track page:

If you wish to hide/show this information, please go to the Time log fields.

Remove a task list

Click the 'Archive' button to remove the entire task list from the project overview. You will be able to decide whether to archive or delete it. If you archive it, all data tracked on tasks from the list will remain in the reports. If you delete it, everything will be removed.

Task templates

If you find yourself in need of the same task on many different projects, you can create a task template. This way you can quickly add it to each of the projects. Once a task from the templates is added to a project, you can edit it independently in each project and this will not affect the same task in other projects.

Please go to 'Manage task templates' section of the Account admin to create and manage task templates.

You will be able to edit your task template when needed:

If you wish to add a task from the templates to all projects, you can do this here:

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