If you are using the PRO version of My Hours, you also have the ability to generate invoices for your projects.

'Uninvoiced' view

If you navigate to 'Invoice' --> 'Uninvoiced', you will get the list of billable track logs for a client/project set.

Here you can select a project to invoice and generate one or more invoices per client by clicking the blue 'Create invoice' button.

By default, the tracked billable projects for the current month will be displayed here. You can change the date range by clicking on the calendar icon or navigation arrows.

'Invoices' view

If you navigate to 'Invoice' --> 'Invoices', you'll find a list of generated invoices, options for filtering them and a button to generate a new invoice.

You can filter invoices by client or by invoice status (draft, unpaid, partially paid, paid). If you click on a specific invoice, the 'Manage Invoice' view will open.

'Manage invoice' view

If you are creating an invoice for a single client, you will be redirected to this view. Here you can change the properties of the invoice while it's still in a draft status.

You can predefine taxes to be charged for individual clients in 'Organize' -> 'Clients' and these will automatically be applied when generating invoices for your clients.

Once you are ready to issue an invoice, click green 'Create invoice' button. This will lock most of the fields. Only the internal note and status field will remain editable.

Once the invoice is created you can download it to the PDF file or e-mail the invoice directly to your client:

Set company details for invoicing >>>

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