If you haven't viewed our video tutorial yet, here's a short section about clients and invoicing. Below the video, you will find written instructions as well.

In the PRO version, you will be able to create invoices for all your billable projects.

‘Uninvoiced’ tab

Please navigate to ‘Clients > Uninvoiced’ to get a list of all items available for invoicing.

By default, the tracked billable projects for the current month will be displayed here. You can change the date range by clicking on the calendar icon, and select any period you need for your invoice.

Use filters to narrow down the list, select a Client/Project that you wish to bill, and then click ‘Create invoice’.

'Manage invoice' tab

If you are creating an invoice for a single client, you will be redirected to this view. Here you can change the properties of the invoice while it's still in the draft status.

If you've ve predefined tax when creating a client, this tax will automatically be applied when generating invoices for them.

Once you are ready to issue the invoice, click the green 'Create invoice' button. This will lock most of the fields. Only the internal note and status field will remain editable.

Once the invoice is created, you can download it to the PDF or Excel or e-mail it directly to your client or yourself.

If you made a mistake on the created invoice, you can simply delete it and all items from the invoice will appear in the Uninvoiced view again.

Invoice formatting

Unfortunately, it is not possible to format the invoice in My Hours. If you wish to change or add something to the invoice layout, we advise you to download the invoice in Excel format. Then you can adjust it in Excel and save it as a PDF afterward.

'Invoices' tab

In the ‘Clients > Invoices’ tab, you'll find a list of generated invoices.

You can filter invoices by client or by invoice status (draft, unpaid, partially paid, paid). If you click on a specific invoice, the 'Manage Invoice' view will open. While still in draft, you will be able to edit all the details, and once the invoice is created, you will be able to update its payment status and add internal notes.

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