4. Timesheet approval

Approve timesheets in bulk or entry by entry

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Approve via Timesheet report

* This option is only available if manual timesheet submission is enabled in General settings. If not, you need to approve logs via the Detailed report.


The easiest way for approving submitted timesheets is via the Timesheet report. Use this view when you are not interested in the details of each individual time log but wish to review the entire timesheet at once.

You can use the date range selector and different filters to display only those time logs that you wish to manage and then approve/reject the entire displayed timesheet with a single click.

If you filter your logs by 'Status' you can display only pending/approved/rejected time logs.

** Please note that the displayed timesheet will always depend on the selected filters, so please make sure to remove the selected filters if you need to see all time logs. For example, you need to remove 'the Pending' filter to see the time logs that were already approved or rejected.

When rejecting a timesheet, you can include a comment on what needs to be fixed and send an email notification to the timesheet owner:

The member can then fix the rejected timesheet and submit it for approval again.


Approve via Detailed report

Alternatively, you can review and approve time logs in the Detailed view. Use this view if you wish to review individual time logs with their details or when your team is tracking time with the daily timer view.

To be able to approve entries, you need to show pending and rejected time logs first and then include the 'Approval status' column in your view. You can do this with the 'Settings' button:

You can then approve/reject time logs one by one by using thumb up/thumb down, or f you select multiple logs, you can approve/reject them in bulk with the buttons on top:

To show only the Approved, Rejected, or Pending time logs, you can filter the time logs by 'Status':

*** If you can't see this filter, please add the 'Approval status' column to the view with the 'Settings' button.***

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