Tracking in real-time

You can start with a click on a Start button. Voila, you're tracking your time.
Now, enter a simple description for your time log.

You can edit it by clicking on a pencil button on the right side (see screenshot above). You'll be greeted with a popup where you can enter other details, such as project and task. Click Save and you're Done.

Tracking time on the go? My Hours comes with iPhone and Android apps

Manual time tracking

You can create your time logs with a more detailed form. 

In case you need to track time for past dates, first select the date by using arrows or calendar at the top. Then click "+ Add" button.

You'll be greeted with a popup window where you can enter details. You can even create a new project or task without going to Projects page.

Click Save and you'll see your time log appear for the day.

To delete a time log, click details button on the right side and click X (Delete).

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Happy tracking :)

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