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Set up your projects and assign team members to them.

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If you haven't viewed our video tutorial yet, here's a short section about projects. Below the video, you will find written instructions as well.

Please go to the Projects tab to add a new project to your account.

Billable settings

Choose a method by which a billable amount should be calculated for this project.

  1. TEAM MEMBER-BASED RATE (you wish for billable amounts to be calculated from the hourly rate of each team member. In this case you need to set the hourly rate on each team members’ profile.)

  2. TASK-BASED RATE (you wish to have different rates for different tasks. In this case you need to enter the hourly rate for each task when adding tasks to your project)

  3. PROJECT-BASED RATE (you wish for all tracked time on this project to be billed at the same hourly rate)

  4. NOT BILLABLE (you do not wish for the billable amount to be calculated from your time logs)

Rounding of time

You can choose to round your time for billing purposes. You can set the tracked time to be either round-up, round-down, or round to the nearest interval.

For example, this will come in handy, if you bill in 15-minute increments and do not wish to show the exact tracked time in the reports or use the exact time when preparing an invoice. For your purposes, the actual duration will of course still be preserved.

Approval settings

By turning this feature on, all recorded time logs will be shown as pending, before you approve them. You will be able to dynamically choose whether to only show approved logs in the reports or to show all time logs, including the pending ones.

Now you’ve created your project. There are some more options to add to it.


If you wish, you are able to track time on specific tasks that will be performed on a project. This way you will get more detailed and insightful reports and also be able to plan time better.

If you set a task-based budget for your project, you will be able to set a budget (in total hours, billable amount, or cost) for each task. This way you can follow its progress. When a task is finished, you can mark it as completed. You can create one or more task lists for a project and add tasks with detailed descriptions to them.

If you expect to have the same tasks across more projects, you can create and use task templates. This way you will be able to add them to projects faster. To get to a list of task templates, use this button when creating a task:


If you assign a budget to your project, all administrators and project managers will be reminded when it’s close to its limit.

The budget can be set in total hours, total billable amount, or total costs. You can choose between setting a total project budget or a task-based budget and even plan your budget for the entire project from start to finish, or on a monthly basis.

Depending on their privileges, your team will be able to see at all times how much budget there is left, so they can act accordingly.

Assigning team members

Only team members that are assigned to a project, will be able to track time on it. If you need to add other members to your account, you can add them here.

If you added them already, please assign all team members that will be working on a project here:

You can then also assign team members to specific tasks on the projects' task list. Learn more >>>

Here you will find a Quick Start Guide for your team members. Send them the link so they get familiar with My Hours and can start tracking right away.

Detailed report

Here you will be able to quickly get to the Detailed report for your project:

Once you’ve set up the project, you can edit, copy, delete, or archive it here:

By copying a project, the same project template will be applied to the new project.

If you archive your project you will be able to restore it later. If you delete the project, all data for this project will be lost.

Now you should be ready to start tracking time! Please view the next article to get familiar with the tracker.

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