3. Timesheet submission

The process of submitting completed timesheets

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When a timesheet is completed, members simply click the 'Submit timesheet' button. If the Approval is set to required they can also add a comment for the approver.

Once a timesheet is submitted, time logs get the ‘Pending’ status (yellow border) and all Administrators and Managers from the same Team receive an email notification about a newly submitted timesheet. If members are not assigned to Teams, all Administrators and Managers in the account get notified about a new submission.

*** Please note that the Approval setting needs to be set to required for the Administrators and Managers to receive email notifications about submitted timesheets.

All unsubmitted entries are marked with the blue border:

Team members can make edits to submitted hours if needed, and then simply submit the timesheet again. Once a time log is approved, the team member will not be able to edit it anymore. If you wish for them to edit a time log that was already approved, you need to reject it first.

*** Please note that if you don't see the 'Submit timesheet' button, then the manual timesheet submission is turned off for the account and all entries all submitted automatically. In that case, there is no need to submit them.

Mobile app

Timesheets can also be submitted via the mobile app:

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