Tracking in real-time

You can start with a click on a Start button. Voila, you're tracking your time.
Now, enter a simple description for your time log.

You can edit it by clicking on a pencil button on the right side (see screenshot above). You'll be greeted with a popup where you can enter other details, such as project and task. Click Save and you're Done.

Manual time tracking

You can create your time logs with a more detailed form. 

In case you need to track time for past dates, first select the date by using arrows or calendar at the top. Then click "+ Add" button.

You'll be greeted with a popup window where you can enter details. You can even create a new project or task without going to Projects page.

Click Save and you'll see your time log appear for the day.

To delete a time log, click details button on the right side and click X (Delete).

Happy tracking :)

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