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Set the billing method and rate
Set the billing method and rate

My Hours billing methods are as flexible as they can be. Learn all about billable settings here.

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You can select a different method and rate for every project in the project settings. There are three types of rates:

  • Team-member based rate

  • Task-based rate

  • Project-based rate


By selecting a member-based rate, the billable amount will be calculated from the billable rate of each team member. You can set their billable rate on their profile in the Team members tab. This will be their default billable rate.

Please note that you can also override the default billable rate with a different billable rate for a specific project when assigning members to a project:

*** To get to this tab, click the 'Manage members and rates' link in the upper right corner of the project overview.


If you bill time spent on different tasks at different rates, choose a task-based rate. You can then enter a different hourly rate for each individual task when adding them to your project, like this:


Choose this option if all tracked time on your project will be billed at the same hourly rate, regardless of the task or member performing it. Every hour tracked on this project will then be billed by the rate you enter in the project settings:


If you select this option, the billable amount will not be calculated from your time logs and all time logs recorded on the project will be marked as non-billable.


Simple hourly rate for solo users

In case you need a simple hourly rate for yourself, select the team member-based rate, and enter your hourly rate in the Team members section (explained above).

Projects with flat/fixed fee

To be able to invoice a fixed fee for a project, please select ‘Project rate’ as a billable method and set the rate at $0.00 per hour. Then you can add the fixed fee amount as the expense to just one of the recorded time logs in the invoicing period. This way you will be able to invoice the flat amount to your client.

Tasks with flat/fixed fee

If you bill some tasks at an hourly rate and others with a fixed fee, please choose a Task-based rate. Set the hourly rate for the flat fee tasks at $0.00. Then add the fixed fee amount as the expense to just one of the recorded time logs in the invoicing period.


Change the rates for future time logs only

Please check this article to learn how to change the rates for new time logs only and keep the old rate for existing time logs.

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