By now you have probably created at least 1 project and tracked some time on it. You might have even assigned a client and few tasks to your projects.  

Activity report is the most detailed report in My Hours. You can view specific time logs or entire year of tracked time. Let's take a look at how it's done.

1. Select date range

By default you'll see current month, but you can select any date range you want to report. Click on a calendar icon in the top left corner and select either preset range or a custom dates. (See screenshot below.)

2. Group the report

Initially time logs are broken down by days in the calendar. But you can group them by months or weeks and even projects, clients, team members or tasks. This functionality enables you to quickly view how much time is spent total on separate entities.

3. Filter by client or project 

Below the chart in the table header, you'll notice filter icons that appear at the right side of column titles. Click on it to select a specific client, project, team member or task. Now you'll be able to view time logs only for the selected dimension.  

View all time logs for one specific project >

4. Download the report

Now that you've selected a specific set of time logs, you can download it into PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Click on a download icon and choose Report > PDF . In case you need your time logs in a raw format, go for Export option.
Download a sample report here >>

5. View log details and descriptions 

Usually time logs contain a custom description. You can view each log's description by clicking on a caret icon on the left side. But in case you want to view multiple descriptions at the same time, you can expand (and of course also collapse) all the details with one button (see screenshot above).

That's all for Quick Start guide! More advanced options are explained in our Detailed help articles here >

Happy tracking :)

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