If you haven't viewed our video tutorial yet, here's a short section about managing your team. Below the video, you will find written instructions as well.

To invite other team members to join your company account, you need to go to the Team tab. When you add your colleagues, they will receive an invitation email, set their password, and be able to log in.

Here you will find a Quick Start Guide for your team members. Send them the link so they get familiar with My Hours and can start tracking right away.

Set the hourly rate

The members’ labor rate is how much compensation they get for an hour of their work. Inputting the hourly rate will enable you to calculate labor costs and see the financial balance in the Economy report.

If your billing is member-based, you will be able to input team members’ billable rates when assigning them to a project. For example, if you pay them $15.00 per hour and charge your client $25.00 for an hour of their work, you should input $15.00 as the labor rate on their profile, and $25.00 as a billable rate when assigning them to a project.

More on team member rates >>>

Team member roles

You can assign different levels of privileges to your team members. This will affect which actions they will be able to perform in the account.

  • NORMAL USER: Normal users are not able to create projects or tasks or view any data from other members. They are only able to track time and see their own activity reports. You can also allow them to view their earnings (costs).

  • PROJECT MANAGER: Project managers can create and manage projects and tasks. They cannot view billable amounts and costs unless otherwise selected in the settings. They are able to view reports only for projects they are assigned to and can assign tasks to other members. They can also manage budgets that correspond to their access level (if they can't access billable amounts they can only manage hourly budgets).

  • ADMINISTRATOR: Administrators have access to all functionalities and company-wide reports and can view all data. Their access is the same as of the account owner, except for managing the subscription. They are not able to change the subscription plan or edit the payment information.

Assign members to projects

Don’t forget to assign your team members to projects they will be working on, otherwise, they will not be able to track time on these projects! You can either assign them to projects one by one or choose to automatically add them to all new projects when creating their profile.

To add or remove them from existing projects, one by one or in bulk, go to Project assignments:

Approval settings

You will notice that it is possible to set the approval of time logs on the team member level (PRO plan feature). If you want to manually review all added logs for a specific team member, please select this option under the 'Approval settings' section: Required log approval for this member. Then their added logs will be marked as pending until approved.

Target weekly hours

All team members will receive a weekly (timesheet) report straight into their email inbox. This way they can check their logged hours and make any updates if needed.

You can set a "Target weekly hours" in General settings. In this case, we'll append a kind reminder to team members' regular weekly report email. The reminder simply states how close the recipient is to the expected weekly target.

Daily reminders to start and stop tracking

Each team member can receive a reminder on their mobile device at the start and the end of each workday. To set this up, they should go to their Profile and enter their working hours:

Adding, editing, and reviewing logs for other team members (PRO plan feature)

Please go to the Activity view to easily make any changes to the entered records or to review them:

In case a member leaves your company or just stops tracking their time for a while, we suggest to Archive their profile instead of deleting it. This way their data will remain in your reports and you will not be charged for their subscription any longer. If needed, you will be able to restore their account.

We believe you know everything you need for a successful start now! There’s more to My Hours which you will discover along the way.

If you have any questions, browse our Help Center or simply send us a message on the chat! We are looking forward to taking care of your time.

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